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The sound of South Fraser Pipes & Drums filling the valley with traditional gaelic music

The delight on the audience's faces makes it all worth while

The Sound

A pipe band is a musical ensemble consisting of pipers and drummers. The term used by military pipe bands, pipes and drums, is also common. The most common form of pipe band, the Scottish/Irish pipe band, consists of a section of pipers playing the Great Highland Bagpipe (In Ireland known as the Great Irish Warpipes), a section of snare drummers (often referred to as ‘side drummers’), several tenor drummers and usually one, though occasionally two, bass drummers. (Wikipedia, 2015)

The Music

The music played by pipe bands generally consists of music from the Scottish tradition, the Irish tradition and the Breton tradition, either in the form of traditional folk tunes and dances or music from the Western tradition that has been adapted for pipes. Examples of typical pipe bands forms include marches, slow airs, up-tempo jigs and reels, and strathspeys.

The Pipes

The bagpipers are responsible for providing all of the melodic material in the music. Generally speaking, all of the pipers play a unison melody on their chanters, with their drones providing the harmonic support and filling out the sound. These unison melodies are often quite complex and demanding. It is this complexity that provides much of the musical interest.

The Drums

The drum corps of a pipe band consists of a section of drummers playing Highland snare drums and the bass section (see below). In the early days of pipe bands, rope tension snare drums were common, but as the technology evolved, so did the music. Pipe band drummers now play on drums with very tight, knitted kevlar heads, designed for maximum tension to create a very crisp and strident sound. Due to technological innovations and changing aesthetics, this crispness has become an integral part of the pipe band sound. Since today’s drum is so facile as a result of its design, players are often able to execute extremely complicated and technically demanding rudimentary patterns.

The Band

"Building community & friendship through music"

We are the South Fraser Pipes & Drums, Langley, B.C. We are serving the needs of the central Fraser Valley.  Our primary purpose is to learn and share Scottish Highland pipe tunes and to promote Scottish culture in the Langley area.

We are a multi-generational, family oriented pipe band. The goal of the band is to improve everyone's playing and to have fun in the process!

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We are meeting Monday evenings at the Aldergrove Legion, 26607 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove. Chanter practice starts at 7 p.m. and whole band practice occurs from 8-9 p.m.

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